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Review for Anime Planet Secret Santa 2013

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is one of those shows that has a pretty good concept but not that much budget wich most of the time is a shame but not in this case, the animation really fits the anime in this case.
I got this shows as a rec and it was an really enjoyable show unfortunatly it kinda watered down at the end.

Story 5.5/10
This shows doesn't really have a story but each episode does have a plot and every episode is about diffrent charachters.
The episode's are pretty much the same it starts with a random student being introduced and there is something 'wrong' with the student wich the cast tries to solve,
there are also moments when they do the obligatory episode's (schooltrip, cultural festival) but take a turn on them wich is quite enjoyable.

Animation 7/10
As I said before this show is pretty low budget but they darkish colours really fit this show as the sensei is always in 'despair' it fits the show.
The character designs are pretty good and they even had time to put some random faces in the backgrounds but that's really it, the animation isn't a strong point of the show but it is not horrible.

Sounds 8/10
My favorite part of this show apart from the comedy is the music not only do the oP & ED sound great the background sounds are great as well
Unfortunatly it is not as varied as I hoped for but it's still good. The voice actor's also did a pretty good job and each voice fits the character pretty good.

Characters 6/10
And here is the biggest problem of the show the show introduces new characters every episode wich makes it hard to give them any more backstory & development than they got in the episode they were introduced in.
The characters interaction between each other are great and really make up a big part of the show i would have loved to see the characters get a bit more attention but because the show didn't have that many episode's I didn't expect it.

I enjoyed watching this show in the beginning it was pretty good though in the later episode's it became kinda sloppy and you could pretty much predict what was going to happen.
Still the comedy & the characters really made this show worth watching and I think everyone should give this a try, overall i'm giving this show a 7/10

This was my review for anime planet secret santa 2013 I hoped you enjoyed reading my review and please give some feedback on what you think.


5.5/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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