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Sengoku Collection

This show didn't have a review so I took the liberty of doing it,don't expect too much out of my review though I really didn't like the show.


Sengoku collection revolves around many samurai who are accidentally removed from a parallel universe inhabited by well-know historic characters. Unlike the historical war period known to us, all inhabitants in this unique world look like high school girls. Coming from the medieval era and finding themselves totally amazed by everything they encounter in modern day Tokyo. Yeah i took that from MAL basiccly this is a show about samurai high school girls adapting to modern-day tokyo that sounds kinda average but not that bad.


Well if you thought this would be your average girl from another dimension tries to live here it's not. Though the first episode does make it look like that it isn't without spoiling too much every episode has a new girl trying to adapt and I would be fine with that if you had the MC and the random guy show up to help the character to adapt but no they don't they introduce new characters every episode and excluding a few they never come back it's pokémon all over again only this time it's high-school samurai girls. It does have an overall story line wich is the 'main character' if you can call her that she shows up every episode for like 30 seconds to take the secret treasure and then to leave again, she needs these secret treasures to get back home. Overall the story is just boring.


The animation looks good apart from having flowers on almost every background it's what you would expect from a show of 2012, it looks cheerful the character designs do look different but that's about it.


This is in my opinion the best part of the show, my favorite being the first OP and the 2nd ED and the background sounds are great as well as they do spice things up a bit. As for Voice actors yes they did a great job on the characters even though they are some of the worst characters i've seen in a while.


Where should I start there are over 25 characters mased into a show of 26 episode's if this was a shounen I could understand it but no 25 characters is just way too much, they all have 1 episode to develop and even the character who is supposed to be the main doesn't get much development, though they all have different personallities they are still boring.


I'm not a fan of this show when I watched the first episode I thought this would be a kinda average show but no I was wrong this is a boring show that switched it characters every damn episode. So overall not a good show and i'm giving it a 4/10

If you like a person in another world concept and you want something from the sengoku period I suggest you check out Oda Nobuna no Yabou since it has the same concept.

This was my review on sengoku collection I hope you enjoyed reading it and I thank you for reading it. If you have any comments tips or things like that feel free to leave a comment below!


2/10 story
7/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
3/10 characters
4/10 overall

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