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After reading through the synopsis the story is about kiri who has been obsessed with cutting hair since he was a kid and always carry's a pair of scissors around, then he meets iwai a young girl who's hair can't be cut. The girl iwai is also a unwilling participant in a deadly game where other people have ' killing goods' special items to kill and whoever kills iwai gets a prize beyond imagination. Wielding his shears kiri must protect iwai against those who wish to kill her.

Story: While the story does start of well and the first few episode's are quite good the show does takes small detours which are mostly more fetishes and make the story quite bad since it's not looking at the main storyline but rather at side story's. So why the high score you ask? well the story isn't that original but there are reasons why people go after Iwai-chan and not ' just because' that is a great part I liked.

Animation: Nothing to mention here the action is smooth and the animation is what you'd expect from a show in 2013

Characters: The characters are a bit bland I liked the interactions and comedy moments but they really where pretictable and kind boring since they introduced a new 'bad guy' almost every episode there wasn't really a main evil root.

Sounds: The opening in this show was really good, I really liked it and it fitted the show very well. The ED wasn't one of my favorite's but it was still kinda nice. Background sounds was one of the things I did not notice and it wasn't that good but on the other hand the music/sounds during the battle scene's where done really good.

Enjoyment: Well this was a enjoyable anime and actually the one I was most looking forward to this season, whilst it didn't really go as I expected it was still pretty good and if you don't mind the fetishes you should really check this one out!

Now for the ratings

Story 7/10
Animation 8/10
Characters 6/10
Sound 7/10
Enjoyment 7/10

Overall 7/10

If you liked this show you most likely want to check out mirai nikki since that has many things similar to this show.

If you have comments, tips or anything else feel free to leave a message! 

7/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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