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Pokemon movie 15 was kinda "meh" personally I thought there wasn't anything good/special about it but it was quite a enjoyable movie and for those that want to spend some time watching a random movie this is great.

Story - So the story this time was about "Keldeo" and personally all these movies are just used to introduce new legendary pokémon so in this movie we are getting introduced to keldeo and three other my little p-- oh sorry wrong show, jupp it's clear that they are kinda running out of ideas but the story of this movie was keldeo wants to become a sword of justice and has to beat a giant ass dragon to do so. Not orignal but the fights were enjoyable.

Animation - Nothing much to say here the CGI in this movie is increased by a lot comparing by the last movie, not saying that it is better there is just more CGI in this movie, other than that there is nothing much to note just your average pokemon movie animation.

characters - Personally I really didn't like the charachters but maybe it was just me but their interactions and everything else seemed so cliché and shounenish well this movie is a shounen movie but they could have done a bit more on their characters.

Sound - The battle sounds were nice and the song used in the movie was quite good as well but why the low score you ask? it is because of the voice actors, do note that I watched the english dub of this movie so it might be diffrent in japanese but in the english dub the voices of keldeo and the others of the sword of justice were really annoying, and of course you had the VA's of Ash, Cilan and Iris but those were not that bad.

Enjoyment - Even though some parts irritated me from time to time I had fun watching this probably because i'm a pokémon fan but the fight scene's were really enjoyable and I had a little bit of nostalgia, so overall not the best pokémon movie but quite an enjoyable one

Story 5.5/10
Animation 7/10
Characters 5/10
Sound 6/10
Enjoyment 6/10
Overall Score 6/10

If you have any comments or want to give me some feedback that would be appricated
Thank you for taking your time reading this!

5.5/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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