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Ga-Rei -Zero-

May 9, 2013

Story 6.5/10  The show starts of great, you get introduced by a team of special forces who are trying to stop an outbreak of supernatural beings. When the team members are all dying one by one they realize that one of their team members is fighting against them.This show really has a great opening because you get introduced to all the side characters while also covering the main characters. 

Then after the first 2 episode's the show flashbacks to explain how it happend and gives you a view on the main character's past. it gives you an nice backstory of how the two main characters became friends and how they got into the team of special forces, it does feel like fillers but you get an nice backstory how both girls deal with fighting monsters and growing up.

The ending is satisfying altough some things are not explained in the show, wich is kind of a let down so the total score is a 6.5 if this show did explain things than it might have been good. 

Animation 8/10 The action in this show looks great and this show does a good job on the basic animations: the backgrounds look good, I personally liked the character designs tough most of the troopers and monsters are copies of each other. the colours are a bit gloomy wich really suit this anime. the only bad thing in the animation is the CGI the monsters look bad if they are in CGI but for the most part the animation does a great job at keeping you watching.

Sound 7/10 Sound effects in this show was good since it added someting extra to battles, in the sad moments of the show the sound strengthen that even more. The voice actor were not bad they matched the characters, the OP and ED match the show and I found them pretty good overall the sound in this show is great.

Characters 6/10 The main problem this show has that it is too short for any real development, the two main characters do have some stronger points but minus them all the other characters are really flat tough I must say I really laughed at the introducing of Nabuu and Nabuu other than that not much likeability in these characters.

Enjoyment 7.5/10 Overall I got from this show what I expected great action scene's a few moments of yuri (lol) and good animation, the mayor things a disliked about this show was some of the characters and the ending but overall this show is pretty solid and if you like horror/supernatural shows you should try this out.

Thank you for reading my review if you have any tips, or things you want to say just leave a comment and i'll make sure to reply.

6.5/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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