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Story 6.5/10 - This show has an enjoyable story altough they didn't explain some things (won't go into detail cause that would be spoilers). It's first half is very enjoyable we have our main character Makoto Niwa who is moving to a big city, when he arrives there and enters the house the first thing he sees is Erio a girl who thinks she's an alien and spends her time wearing a futon. Afer a certain point in this show Erio gets very little screen time and Niwa spends most of his time engaging in normal activity. Having conversations with his two classmates Ryuuko and Maekawa. Then you get the ending (wich are episode 12 AND the special, the ending is great it turned out more to be than I expected still the story in this show is a bit average.

Animation 7/10 - A normal animation for a show from 2011, altough I have to say almost every female character looks the same (atleast for me) the animation also has kinda strange angles wich I tough was pretty good. The only other thing in this animation is that almost all female characters have this sparkly hair that I haven't seen in other shows and I tought it was done really well. 

Sound 7.5/10 - The OP in this show really stand out, it is sung in a way that I haven't heard before and it was really good, the ED was catchy but it reminded me more of a child's song.
As for background music there wasn't any that I recognized.  The voice actors did a great job in this show there is mostly talk throughout the whole show and it was never boring nor bad so good job voice actors.

Characters 6.5/10 - some interactions with the characters where really great, I kinda got annoyed with the same sentence over and over again wich was: "And call me Ryuuko" it was said probablt three times every episode, well that was my only irritation in this part. the other characters are done really well and there's a bit of seriousness under every character wich I really like.

Enjoyment 7/10 - This was just a really funny 12 episode show to watch. and that was about it the ending wasn't what I expected but was still really enjoyable, overall this show did a good job on makin an entertaiming comedy / high school life show.

Overall 7/10 - This show has a few flaws but overall is done really well, it has enjoyable characters great shounds and the animation is good. So if you are looking for a comedy/ slice of life show you should try this show.

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6.5/10 story
7/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
7/10 overall
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