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Girls und Panzer

May 3, 2013

Girls und Panzer as the name says so it's about a few girls in highschool who have an hobby called "Panzerfaren" that might be a typo but anyways the anime itself was quite good here is my review about it.

Animation 8/10 : This is quite an high score but that's because the tanks look really good wich are made with CGI else than that the character designs are quite good I like them and the backgrounds also looked good but nothing special so overall apart from the tanks it's nothing special

Story 6/10 : And this is the weakest point in this show it's the story not that it's that bad but it is very predictable I won't spoil anything but that's just waht I think about it, other than that the pacing was quite good.

Sound: 8/10 : The main reason why I give this show such a high score for sound is because they use the song "Katyusha" in ep 8, wich is a very good song in my opinion other than that the sound effects are quite good when they are firing the guns of the tanks.

Characters 6/10 : Also not a strong point in this show are the characters I didn't like them that much and other than that they inroduce characters on the last few episode's wich was also quite "meh" for me

Enjoyment 6.5 /10 : Overall this was more enjoyable than I thought it would be the action scence's where quite good but the other moments it's kind dull overall it was an average anime but the only thing is that it has quite a good animation and CGI of the tanks.

Extra note if you already watched this show and you liked it I suggest you check out "Upotte!!wich is almost the same only this show the girls use guns instead of tanks

This was my review of Girls und Panzer if you liked my review please leave a comment or check out my other reviews thanks in advance 

6/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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