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Please note that I watched both the main show and the specials so let's get started

Story 7: The story is about Kyousuke Kousaka who is your average male lead then he finds out that his sister Kirino Kousaka  has a anime & eroge collectionand so Kyousuke has to help Kirino in her life with things as playing an eroge and things like that I'll cut it off here because I might spoiler something. By reading the synopis of this show you can probably already guess this show has a lot of otaku references, wich was quite funny to watch. Overall the story was enjoyable with quit some references and the ending was good. (do note that this is an comedy anime so the opinions on the jokes are diffrent)

Animation 7.5/10 : animation is enjoyable it's not really anything special it does look very good but other being colorful and having nice background's it's not really special. There were a few bits wich were really good such as the "battle" in the beginning of the opening the character designs were also pretty good. overall enjoyable animation with a few better bits in it.

Music 8/10 : The music in this show is very good, the OP song is enjoyable and it has a diffrent animation scene everytime. The OP changes every episode wich is amazing I haven't seen that before it might have been done before but I haven't seen a show who did that. My favorite ending was that of ep 14 : Maschera. As for the background music I actually noticed it wich is a good thing. overall the music was done very well.

Characters 8/10 : The characters were the best thing about this show in my opinion. The interactions with the characters were very good and they were likeable, they did develop a little bit and there were some great characters my favorite is KuroNeko:  I loved that scene :P

Enjoyment 8/10 : Overall this show was really enjoyable to watch I watched this show in 4 days that's how fast it was going, and I think I have coverd this show there might be some things I missed or didn't see but it was a good watch overall.

I reccomend this show to enyone who like a comedy well you probably have seen this show already and if you haven't I suggest you check it out there is already a 2nd season airing well that's all for this review if you enjoyed reading my review got a comment or anything else to say please leave a comment below :D


7/10 story
7.5/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.6/10 overall
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