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Tamako Market

Apr 14, 2013

Story 6.5/10:  The story is about a mochi maker's daughter named Kitashirakawa Tamako who someday finds a talking bird (dela) the bird tells her he's looking for a bride, not for himself but for his prince and that he lost his way. Tamako decides to keep the bird and that's about the whole story without any spoilers, the show doesn't have many plot as you just follow tamako and her friends doing stuff at school or participating in stuff like festivals, so it becomes your usual slice of life anime it does however keeps a good pacing and character development because the story follows a small group of characters so that there is enough things to tell about. and their interaction are enjoyable to follow.

Animation 8/10 : The animation is very bright and colorful it's what you would expect of an KyoAni show, the character designs are very cute / moe wich suits the story and was enjoyable to watch

Sound 9/10: This show sound/music was amazing the OP and ED were both very enjoyable (my personal fav is the ED) and as for the other sounds in the show they were very cheerful and used very well in the show,  As for voice characters they did a great job I couldn't regonize them but still the voices matched the characters.

Characters 8.5/10: The characters are easy to relate to. And the conversations between them are very good, the bird (dela) is really funny with his lack of knowledge this show is mostly about the characters interactions with each other and was done very good I loved all of them and the charachters made the show what it is you will most likely feel some attachment to them.

Overall 8/10: This show is cute colorful has a great cast of characters and the sound is amazing, altough this isn't everybody's favorite since not everybody likes all these "moe" shows. I couldn't really find anything the show did wrong execpt for the lack of plot but that's usally something in Slice of Life anime. Other than that I can't think of anything why someone wouldn't like this show. So if you enjoy watching slice of life shows you'll most like love this one.

Thank you for reading my review :) If you have anything to discuss got any tips or just want to chat send me a message and I'll reply


6.5/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
8/10 overall
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