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Opinions on Shakugan no Shana S1

26 MAY

So I just finished the final ep of the 1st season of shakugan no shana weird sentence I know

It was quite a good show and I want to watch more of it so i'm thinking of giving it a 4/5 just because the action and everything was quite good here's my review

Animation 6.5/10 - The animation is good but not great it might be because i'm watching this is 2013 but I tought it was kinda generic, but I did like the visual effects the show used

Characters - personally I liked them maybe because they have the same voice actors as louise and saito in zeron no tsukaima, the designs were good and some were funny too. there was not much development but it was there. overall the characters were quite enjoyable

Sounds 6.5/10 - Yeah I didn't really like the sound in this show some moments where good but for the most part I couldn't really notice them, tough the voice actors did a great job on making the interactions great to watch

Story 7/10 - It was quite an good story tough it is a shame since the show started quite dark it became the generic slice of life show tough overall the story was quite good

Enjoyment 7/10 - I liked this show the characters were great (same VA as Zero no Tsukaima win!) and the action scene's were good as well some less points of this show was the music it did not really stand out but overall this was an enjoyable show to watch so i'm giving it 7/10

As for the specials - they were funny and the chibi characters were quite funny, but that's all just a funny spin-off 6/10

As for the OVA fanservice fanservice oh and did I mention fanservice well that's a bit too much I have seen worse ova's so yeah the ova gets a 6/10

As for the movie i'll be watching that soon so that'll be another blog

Thank you for reading my review/opinion on this show bye for now


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