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filter: August 2012  

Anime-Planet Forum's

29 AUG

yesterday i firstly introduced myself to the forums i don't know how much i'll be on them but i think i will be on the forum's every weekend also i'm... read more

Regular update's

27 AUG

Hello everyone it has been a while since i wrote my last blog but i think i will try to make one everyday staring now i also started again with schoo... read more

Finally finshed

21 AUG

today i finished the last few episode's of all the airing series i had to caugt up with i hope i soon start watchin mahoromatic again so i can finish... read more

too many airing ep to watch

13 AUG

because i was away for 2 weeks i also have got airing ep from 2 week around 53 episode's i still have to watch i'm gonna stay up a whole night and op... read more

back from my vacation

11 AUG

I just got back i did not watch many anime series only jigouku shoujo quite good in my opinion now i'm starting to download al the airing ep i missed ... read more