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Accel World

22 SEP

just a few minutes ago i watched the last episode of accel world and i think they can make a 2nd season of it because there is enough left to cover however it's not up to me i hope the sale's are good so sunrise is going to make a 2nd seasons but now let's make a litlle review i will work it out on my actual review :D

Accel World is a sc-fi/action/comedy/ecchi serie it is one of my most favorite series this year i'm remaking my old review here i hope my english typing and stuff are a little bit better than last time. 

Story 8/10

The story is set in the future where the new generation of kids have been implanted with neural connectors on their necks. Wich they use for almost everything calling one another accesing the ' internet'  and they even go to school and learn with these things The main caracter is a chubby boy who is getting bullied at school  he uses games as an escape from the real world which he hates a lot then one day the student coucncil president gives him a new game called 'brain buster' The program allows the user to slow down time in real life, and you learn that there are other abilities granted later BUT in order to maintain these new abilities all the people participating in the game have to fight one another to collect points. If they lose ALL their points the game uninstalls itself and you lose the ability to slow down time. i think that is all on the story without any spoilers

Animation 8/10

a very colorfull animation and the action scene's are quite good too i don't know what else i can say about this :P

Characters 7/10

i don't know that much about character development so i will not say too much about this i think the characters where done quite nice.

Sound 8/10

The first op is quite nice but i dind't like it that much but the 2nd op was better. 

The background music is nice it makes the long talking not that boring. the voice actors err i also don't know much about his will do some research later on (remember this is my first review)

Overall 8.5/10

I would love to give this anime a 10/10 but that is a little too high i think a 8.5 /9 fits this anime.

i would recommed this anime to anyone who loves a sc-fi or action anime.

That's my review everyone if you have any questions or tips i would love to hear them


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