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about me

Hi there and welcome to my profile my name is Bestanimeserie and i'm a 16 year old dutch guy,
And i'm your average anime lover/gamer/random person. If you want to know more about me there's a link here

As for the anime I like well I tend to like all sorts of shows and genre's my favorite being comedy I love a good show where I can laugh.
I also like a bit darker shows & shows with a good story.

As for my reccomendations I try my best but if you think I should edit them or have any tips you should say so!
The same goes for my reviews as i'm still a newbie I tend to overrate shows so don't feel shy to say so feedback is always welcome =)

Most of my ratings are based on my enjoyment so here's my rating system.

0.5 = RUN RUN RUN shows that I never want to watch again in my life!
1.0/1.5 = Most of the shows that get this score are either so shitty or so confusing still you shouldn't be watching these
2.0/2.5 = Shows that are just below average either having bad characters or a story that I don't like watch these at your own risk!
3.0/3.5 = an average show nothing too special and it has many bad points but aren't that bad (yeah confusing I know)
4.0 = Great shows that might have a few bad points but were still a great watch.
4.5 = Shows that are almost my favorite they might had one thing I din't like or it was just a show that was AMAZING to watch
5.0 = And all time favorite of mine i'm not calling any of the shows a masterpiece but these shows were so great to watch that I love them.

Now a days I spend most of my time posting in the forums and not actually watching anime.

Well I hope that's enough info about me you stalking person you don't be shy and say hi to me! I promise I won't bite... well maybe a little ;)


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April 2, 2012

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NoahRoadKamelot avatar NoahRoadKamelot


Apr 12, 2014

You're welome :D and thanks for friending me back! You seem pretty cool yourself! Guessing by your profile picture, is Highschool of the Dead your favorite anime?

Unclelucas avatar Unclelucas

You Rock!

Dec 26, 2013

Nice! Glad that you're doing well. It's always tough to find the time to watch anime, I hear you on that one... Glad it's the holidays because I do get that time :)... But yea I'll check out Shakugan no Shana for sure and anytime you happen to come across something you think I might like feel free to share. Thanks a lots dude:)

Unclelucas avatar Unclelucas


Dec 25, 2013

It has been a while but I've been good! Thanks for asking. Just been doing to usual, watching anime. :P How about yourself? Any good animes out there you'd recommend like you did Accel World for me?   

tennis101101 avatar tennis101101

Thanks! ^_^

Dec 19, 2013
Anudevil13 avatar Anudevil13


Dec 19, 2013

Thanks for adding ^_^

Ur the 1st one who is younger then me here :3, nice to meet ya ^^

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