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NinjaPirate101 avatar NinjaPirate101


May 4, 2010

hiya! how ya been? u still doing FYAB? ima probably do it again as soon as school ends, June 10th xD then i have all summer....well for now.

wanerness avatar wanerness


Feb 12, 2010

Hey hows u? still waiting on getting Code Geass R2 i did catch the 1st ep on youtube though. Just watched the 3rd Bleach movie it was good but i was thinking that if theyd 4gt Rukia why wouldn't Tousen, Aizen and Gin be there or at least someone notice that they wernt there? im hoping to start 11 Eyes next ive downloaded 7 eps so far but i cnt watch em until ive converted em to a diffenrent file type  

Funkgun avatar Funkgun


Feb 10, 2010

Nah, not really that bad. It is entertaining enough.

Yeah, keeping up with shows... you and me both, brotha, you and me both. I end up having to drop more than I used too. 

Funkgun avatar Funkgun


Feb 7, 2010

Sweet deal bro. =) Yeah it is not something I would call a must-see.  So if you miss one, you might be able to miss Tears to Tiera. 

Hey thanks for getting back to me. Sorry about that being busy thing, I totally know what you mean. 


Funkgun avatar Funkgun


Feb 1, 2010

Hey Berserk, have not heard from ya in a bit. Was wondering if you ever had a chance to catch Tears to Tiara yet? If not I have me and Reduurm who would like to check it out with you. 

Anyhow, if you get this soon let me know. Thanks. =)

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