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Name: Rocky

Bio: I am a student attending University of Vicotria. I am 5ft 11in, black hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. I have plenty of friends, however, they don't know that I am somewhat obsessed with anime. Yes, I am a closet-otaku. I don't know if I used that term right. I like to keep active but with the time I have, I barely even go to the gym anymore lol.

Anime has influenced and inspired me in many ways in shaping what I am today. Watching countless shoujos I've grown to like being the nice guy, that undergoes hardships, but gets the girl in the end. This hasn't happened yet, but I am still a nice guy. However, I've learned anime and women in real life are not the same. That's partly why just being a nice guy won't work haha ha.......I'm tragically disappointed about that. Anyways thanks for reading about me.

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1010rikku Oct 24, 2007

I know what you mean...I watched it a few times too, still a littly foggy on some stuff @_@

I will need to watch it again to be able to follow up with the sequel adequately :P

1010rikku Oct 23, 2007

I see you loved the anime karas, did you knwo the new one is coming out very soon? If you though that was good news, how about the fact that anime-planet has a contest to win a copy?? You're falling off your seat right *wink*

whitecomet Sep 2, 2007

AHH Super cool ANime list, i just recently watched beyond the clouds and thought that it was fantastic ill be sure to watch voices of a distant star soon

kace Aug 28, 2007

Whoa dude... Intense profile! :)

Go Canada!