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11 JUN

This movie is a revamped summary of the first part of the anime. The "revamping" of the animation was really not that spectacular but it was nice as a die hard fan of the original to see the story get a bit of an upgrade. It definately doesn't reinvent the wheel here, if you've seen the original anime series than this is just the first arc with new animation. If you haven't than you may very well be upset and confused as the pacing is way too fast and the movie doesn't take the time to explore certain story elements that the anime did. The characters are not at all developed in this movie with the exception of Guts and Griffith. Even Caska is left out of the lime light here. I enjoyed watching this movie simply because I LOVED the anime. I believe these three movies will cover what happened in the anime then set the stage for a sequel to the 1997 version. Which in my opinion would be phenomenal. 

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overall score: 8.5/10

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