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I'm an artist, drawing much of my inspiration from anime. I fell in love with anime at age fourteen, Death Note being my first love. From there, I've watched a variety of different anime, but Death Note is still my very favourite.

I tend to like funny animes dealing with darker themes. I generally stay away from shojo and other "fluffy, pink and cute" series. I make exceptions, though. ;)

Anime > manga for me, but I do enjoy an occasional manga as well. Again, Death Note is my favourite. I prefer realisic art over BIG EYES OMG KAWAII~.

The most important part of an anime for me (except for story and art) is the voice-actors. I am a big fan of Inoue Kazuhiko and Miyano Mamoru. Needless to say, I watch all my anime in japanese with enlish subs... Unless the original anime is in English.

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