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28 AUG

So today was supposed to be the day of the big hurricane. Now i take these things seriously, not as seriously as the people who buy out the entire food section at walmart to make sure that everything will be OK if it happens. but I know people were actually hit pretty hard by this thing, and i send out my regards to them. I hope everything gets better.

So recently I have been dealing with emotionally challenged people and I seriously cannot stand it. It's driving me BONKERS! Boys. Family, friends. You know people. The ones who are supposed to be there for you in all regards not attack you about everything from actually being responsible, to dating, to lack of dating to, well to anything really. Everything has really turned into a big F U when it comes to me.

So the past few days i havent really had the time to get on here so i figure now would be a good time.I just got out of work. Which was dead, but i dont mind. I enjoyed it. People were coming in and out and in and out and in and out for their room keys. Which kept us busy.

F***ING NEGATIVE PEOPLE PISS ME OFF!!! IM SO DONE!  I know that one of you Negative people are going to read this and know that I am drowning in the negativity that you keep spewing to me. That is all.

Other than that... My little siblings had a birthday party which went very well with a few problems. They loved the gifts i got for them, and im sure a thank you card will be coming in the mail anyday now. I believe i will send a letter back, im sure they'll like getting something in the mail, i know i do, if its not bills, or bank statements. those just annoy me.

Anyway my sister cause this huge scene at the birthday, then at my grandmothers house afterward. I was very close to getting physical with her. And that would have been awful. Because not to toot my own horn, but i can bring it.

I dont want this to be completely negative so i'll only say it one more time. PEOPLE SUCK!

Back to business today i reconnected with an old friend from Ireland, and it was great to get a message from him! I was stoked! It was much nicer than i thought it was going to be. Seeing as how the terms we left off on were not well friendly.

So Irene was a good chance to stay in and actually get some work done in my room, which was appreciated by my room, my mother, and myself. Probably mostly myself.

So soon i will actually get to hanging things and it will look nice, just in time to enjoy it for a semester before i head off to college that isnt right in my town (city).

I guess this is all i have to say not really all that filling in content, but hey its something.

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