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Papa to kiss in the dark isn't all bad! Interesting situation to put a 14/15 year old in, if not a disturbingly overly perverted one. It isn't the best anime, i'll say that, but i did like it.

Mira reminds slightly of Shuichi from Gravitation. Due to character's lake of 'cuteness' and it's lake of many other things, Mira simply comes off as annoyingly irratating, with a hint of patheticness. Unlike Shuichi, who all though annoying with his constant crying, is still loveable.

Other characters need more identitiy, since other then Mira they all looked the same, just different eye colour and hair. The creators maybe should have give them slightly different shaped faces.

Nothing about the story is realistic, with almost every male character being gay, and the strange fact that a 14 year old boy would 'adopt' his sister's child (could happen, but i don't think any of the 14 year old boys i know would do it).

Sound effects sucked, and, in my opinion, Mira's voice didn't suit him very well but did hit the spot on the whiney bits!

You should watch this, but don't get to excited. If you want some Shounen-ai/Yaoi that is less perverted and has a better main character, try Gravitation.

4/10 story
8/10 animation
4/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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