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What?! No anime ratings?

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Xtazy Jan 30, 2008

Hey! ^_^

Bebe Jan 26, 2008

*waves to Tessa*

@Tetra: made my acount in a rush, cuzz I was about to leave somewhere, but I'll do the bio thingy as soon as I get less lazy. And that time may never come ^_^' And about being nice or not, well... I'm not such a great fan of this kind of things, posting on forums, chats, stuff like that (I do use ym a lot though). So... donno... I saw you have a forum here, maybe I'll check it out sometimes *insert that lazy thingy again*. But... waaa... I started writing stupid stuff again, and can't seem to stop :))

PS: that's not lots of anime. I want more. More :D

Tessa Jan 26, 2008

Hi Bebe! Nice to meet you here to. Have a nice stay! ^.^

tetra Jan 26, 2008

Lots of friends, lots of anime but no presentation *pouts*

What about the rest of us who want to be your friend too? I demand a presentation so I know if you are nice or not!