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School Days

Jan 11, 2011

Ok... As every other review about this should say...

DO NOT THINK THIS ANIME AS A ROMANCE ANIME... It WILL prove you wrong in every aspect if you watch it... This is a fore warning of those who are going to watch it...

For the watchers I will not spoil the ending but, it's not... the best ending in the world with a little bit of... Violence...

The story was good until Makoto decided to cheat on Kotonaha, and everything just started to go downhill from there. If a guy made up a decision to like one girl and one girl only, then he should stick with her until the bitter end. But this anime just proves all of romance wrong...

*Sigh* It's not like I have anything against this anime... just... how the director or the author decided to make Makoto (Male protagonist)....... And the ending...

0.1/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
4/10 overall
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u7suro Feb 5, 2012

yeah im dropping it i think. it just makes me feel real guilty just to even watch haha. the main charactor is pretty lame

Basslesson01 Mar 12, 2011

It's only that Makoto is really the worst character created...

And the whole plot of the anime is... overly retarded =s

SadisticTendencies Mar 12, 2011

Meh, 'School Days' was okay but it had many flaws. Is it just me or is Makoto THE MOST ANNOYING CHARACTER EVER?