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First of all, I'm a twenty years old guy living in Germany on the border to France and originally coming from Lithuania ... .

Well, I think I watched already a lot of anime, my favorite genres are scifi, ecchi, comedy and action. I hate reading manga online, I prefer to buy it and read it then ... . I also like light novels like "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" or "Toradora!".

But anime is just ONE part of the Japanese culture! - There're a lot other interesting things about Japan, like their music, food, society and language. Therefore I also enjoy watching videos from in Japan living vloggers like tokyocooney ... .

Then I've to add something:

+ EVANGELION rules!!!

+ Death Note FTW!!!

If you're also interested in the Japanese culture or just started learning the Japanese language please leave a comment^^ + + + + + But I've nothing against talking about anime or manga too.

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Egizas Mar 6, 2010


well it is hard to wake up for me too, and the german classes starts so early, but I thing in the end it will be worth it.

Yeah it is very cool country, people are polite and friendly, especially I like infrastructure and that everything is in order, the streets are clean and without holes in the road, the public transport is fast and on time.

Well when I came here I took placement test for language level, and some how i scored too high :D and they put me in advanced german level course, so the first day was very stressful, when everyone around me known so much more and the teacher talked english in very rare occasions, that was very hard... :) now I`m taking one level lower courses where I understand more, and can learn better, but german is still very hard :) You are very brave to skip one level, dont forget later to tell how learning second level on your own going :)  

I have made some cool international friends but all of them are not german, but in our group there are two very hot girls :) one bad thing that I have not met any german females yet, but I saw that in our town there are a lot cute girls :)

and what about your studies, have you started them yet? or are you still working with laser? :)

Schüss :)

Morgoth Jan 11, 2010

Well, I can definitely say that I rather would want to watch an experimental anime than one of these Mainstream-Harem-Comedies but with stuff like End of Evangelion I'm not really sure whether I actually should look at it like a normal anime that expresses itself more by an obvious plot than its meaning. Evangelion was always a sort of anime that needed to be understood before it can be enjoyed but at the same time there were a lot of things that could one rate 'normal' like for example these Mecha-Angel-Fights. Therefore I always thought one could easier understand Evangelion than for example Boogiepop Phantom or Serial Texhnolyze that are so far off the parameters of 'normal' that it can't be enjoyed unless one has a knack for interpreting this sort of stuff. But End of Evangelion was then definitely a step towards the latter case and with that it wasn't entertainment but a challenge to the viewers ability to understand the whole thing. And I, honestly, didn't really enjoyed it, there's nothing bad about experimental or a deep meaning but End of Evangelion seemed... 'wrong' somehow... I can't really describe it but while I enjoyed the rather freakish nature of the storytelling in Boogiepop Phantom or the philosophic allegories of GitS, End of Evangelion wasn't my cup of tea as it didn't try to be an experimental anime but only experimental and what was left of the anime could be hardly called supportive or entertaining.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes is a epic Sci-Fi-Saga and it's really a classic because of its complex story that realistically depicts the history of two galactic nations in a war. And the character are unique and entertaining - what more does a viewer want ^^ .

Egizas Jan 10, 2010

Welcome back :) ... 6:00 a.m. is insane, I think sun is not rised yet :D but try to be strong I think it will get easier in the future. To have 1kk € lasers, that company must be very rich, try not to broke any of them or it will be very long time before you work them back :D

Well until now exams went really great average (~9,5), but there is two left that are sick, 700 pages math theory :/ now I dont have much time to spend on anime, so now maybe 7-10h a week, but I managed to watch death note ;) I really liked it, the storyline and drawing were awesome :) I liked the end when in warehouse Light showed its real face, but I would have prefered that the real L would have won instead of N.  and how much time you spend on anime?

btw when you got to germany how long it took you to learn to understand normal german conversation? or did you knew german before going from lithuania?

good luck in your job ;)

Morgoth Jan 3, 2010

Of course I don't mind and I've added you too by the way although it's obvious since only a few clicks will show it ^^ ...

Anyway... NGE on the first place: Does that mean that you've liked End of Evangelion too? I definitely like those experimental animes but some like End of Evangelion are simply... well, they go too far with their imagination and entertainment is all of a sudden secondary - which is of course very unentertaining for the viewer only searching for entertainment.

Egizas Jan 1, 2010

You so cool, just in such short time to learn so much :) I think you are much more talented in language learning then me. :)

I still do not know the basic dishes and drinks in German(except Bier und wasser :) ), I can introduce myself, but in very basic maner, buy something or ask for something simple. Last month started to learn "preteritum" und "partzip zwei" times, its hard, so much declension. And its much easier for me to tell sentence and read, then actually understand what other person says, its too much sentence recomposing in head (like with those separate word parts that go to the end of the sentence( Ich steige aus) or verbs (Ich möchte .....(a lot of words)...... trinken), usually at the end of sentence I forget what was at the beginning :D

I totally agree with you, its much more fun to go with someone, but I don`t have many friends that likes traveling as much as I do, and there is always money issues(fuc**ng LT goverment) I hope to get from LT as soon as possible, who knows maybe my future home will be in Germany :D

I do not have one favorite movie, however I have fav genres, like drama("Forrest Gump", "Great expectations", "Butterfly effect"), sci-fi("Transformers", "Avatar"), comedies("Scary movie", "Eurotrip", "American pie"), action(transporter( especially Audi A8 <3 :) ), Rush hour, die hard), I also like very much Ki-duk Kim movies, he is very talented film director(try watching "Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring" it is one of "must-see" movies), and my least favorite genre is horror... I do not see point in watching them, maybe with a girl, but other  otherwise it useless genre :)  how about you what movies do you like?

by the way  Sveikas, atvykęs į 2010-tuosius metus ;)