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Konnichiwa, watashi no namae wa Neito. My full name is Baron-Von-Nate the 4th of Oxford-shire. Or as some call me Mastersprinkles. Well I'm just your everyday 20 year old adventurer, which of course entails going on adventures. Animoozzzz, yay! Cheers ha.

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Deviantart:, if you're interested in Photography.

Facebook: Ask for my real name first.

Favourite Quote:

"What just happened?" "Well if your not an incurable skeptic, we have dropped through the center of the world and came out on the other side."

"A lesson without pain is meaningless. That's because no one can gain without sacrificing something. But by enduring that pain and overcoming it...he shall obtain a powerful, unmatched heart. A heart of fullmetal."

Rating Chart/ System:

5.0 Stars - The apex of animation & story-telling.

Stories that are so good that when you finish it you almost wished you never started because you have such a feeling of remorse from it being completed. The feeling of emptiness that you feel for days afterwards. That the show has a profound impact on either your out look on life or just a paradigm shift. The show in a sense becomes a part of who you and what you stand for. Also, having so much respect for the material that if you found it in perfect, untouched condition on the ground you wouldn't take; because the studio would be losing money from you not spending money to purchase your own copy of their work, instead of just finding it by shear luck.

4.5 Stars - Having a human connection that superceds just the norm of just another "normal" series.

Very, very, thought provoking series. With characters that you fall in love with and can connect with them on an emotional/thoughtful level. You feel as though it was great enough to spending your money on anything from, box sets, merch, and figures. Likewise, if anyone was ever basing it you would stand up for it and defend the series out of the love you had for the show.

4.0 Stars - A lot better than the majority of what is called the "norm."

Having some faults, but still grasping your attention and keeping it held through the majority of the story. With good plot, good characters, and a great feel. Something that would be worth recommending to others. Worth your time & money to spend the money so you can re-watching it multiple times.

3.5 Stars - Worth watching but not worth buying.

A show that was better than just alright. Something that had a few aspects that stuck out to you, but nothing worth a massive paradigm shift.

3.0 Stars - Just another average series.

Nothing special, if you didn't see it you wouldn't be missing anything. This is what I rate, of course most just alright/shows. You probably watched it just because you we bored.

2.5 Stars - Below most average shows.

Kinda crummy, either it wasn't thought out very well or the characters were just generic, boring, or frustrating. Also, that the plot was boring so you lost interest and dropped it. Or, maybe the plot just wasn't there at all, but they not having any assets that would be able to compensate for the lack of plot by having a substitute to make up for the lacking storyline.

2.0 Stars - A waste of time.

The feeling you get when you finish a series and you say to yourself, "I want all the hours I wasted on this crap back." The only way you were able to tolerated it, is through the over powering evil of bordem.

1.5 Stars - You feel really bad for the people who wasted their money, time, and ability towards making this garbage.

You become confused why some producing company would let this be published under their name. Pretty painful to watch, if you can even get through it all.

1.0 Stars - This will make you wonder what wonder what went wrong in their childhood that manifested its self in their adult life.

You watch it and then walk outside your house and look into the sky and scream, "WHY, WHY DEAR GOD, WHY WAS THAT EVIL ALLOWED TO ENTER INTO THIS WORLD." Then you go and sit in your front yard for a few hours dazed by the shear immensity of garbage that was made.

0.5 Stars - They had to be trying their hinnies off to make something this bad.

These are the only the sickest jokers in the world make these. They are so horrendously bad that they are actually secretly the Japanese Government's secret torture method. Ever heard of Chinese water boarding, yes? Ever heard of the Japanese torture method? No, of course not, because no one can survive it to tell the story of how diabolically bad. What they scornfully classified as “anime" was.

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BaronVonCoeus Sep 15, 2011

I'm back yah homos hahhaah c:

Tokugashi May 6, 2011

Sup Baron Von Buttwipe.

Minai99 Apr 7, 2011

I agree that, unfortunately, a lot of people refuse to watch older shows. Have you been busy at schook, Baron? I haven't heard much since the first few days that I talked with you.

Minai99 Mar 31, 2011

Good day, Baron. How are you?