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Komirai Aug 6, 2012

Thanks, I really like the readers to really understand it and how it came about yeah I think I went into a bit to much but hey the anime was awesome.

Also by me going into detail you learned alot so hey its educational, aha. Anyways, glad I could help.

LolitaCherry Aug 5, 2012

Well yes , Arabic is my first language =D

May I know what makes you so interested *_*

LolitaCherry Aug 5, 2012

I rated Monster below the site's average rating for sheer personal reasons. I admit being subjective when it comes to this one in particular. I have seen the anime almost three years ago . I was impressed to say the least ;but I remember being severly disturbed beacuse of Johan Liebert. I was interested in the anime for a part of my studies contain psychoanalysis and I was curious to more or less understand the character. Yes yes, I don't always watch anime for mere pleasure. What I recall is that the experience was harsh on me and I dropped the series for a while . I was then eaten by conscience because I rarely drop anything in life , certainly won't drop an anime (unless it is a complete non sense .__. )

NIAIK Aug 4, 2012

Thanks, much appreciated. The fact that you understand the awsomeness of that show means that you yourself are an awsome person. :) :P ;)

NIAIK Aug 2, 2012

Thanks about leaving your opinion, but the I've already watched everything related to Code Geass, and if I've done no reviews for the R2, that's becouse the review was for Code Geass R1 and R2 as a whole. Still, much appreciated.