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Hi! I'm never really good with these things so I'll keep it brief. My name is Kait and I'm twenty-two  years old. I was born on November 15th so that makes me a scorpio (if you're interested in astrology)! I love anime (duh) and video games. I play a lot of different games so if we talk I can name a few for you. My favorite food with sushi and my favorite drink is green tea. Like I said this is just a brief things about me. I have more to tell :]

I hope to make friends on here because I am for sure looking for some :].

Ehh another thing is I'm still editing my list...I sometimes stumble across and anime and go like ":| Why didn't I put that on there?" So sorry for like inconvenience!

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XaronAngel Oct 4, 2015

nice to meet you anime fan girl.

LittleGardenGirl Jun 27, 2014

Thank you.^^ And I love sushi too. What is your favorite kind? :)

Oh and what are some good anime you have seen recently? xD

chikoritaBH Jun 22, 2014

"extra extra extra late" is a really weak phrase... :D:D

Well... But I am glad that someone still wants to talk to me... :D

I am fine. Thanks for asking. But everytime, the life could be more interesting, more funny and better... :D

Btw... Where is the "space" you live in? :D

hellocuteness Jun 22, 2014

Hehe thank you!! :3

LittleGardenGirl Jun 22, 2014

Hello!! :) Nice bio Kait-chan. I too really love sushi and green tea. :D