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Greetings one and all!

Until recently (read: 2 seconds ago) I never really bothered doing anything here besides actually updating my anime list cause..... it's useful you know.... I have a bad memory so I need something to keep track of everything. Anyway, I am an avid watcher of many Anime and have been watching Anime since 2003 (I watched DBZ, Pokemon, Digimon, Gundam etc etc before, but not counting those days as I was unaware they were Anime back then). My love for Anime was only matched by my love for games. Playing games like Final Fantasy, Alice, World of Warcraft and many more and every hour I was not playing games was spent on Anime (I barely slept!).

I've had a period in my life where I was a Moderator on a reasonably popular news-site/forum for a specific video game. During this time I saw a lot of Anime Threads pop-up. As a fellow Anime fan I could not ignore these of course, and I eventually came to this website after it was linked to me by somebody on the forum. Since then, I've been trying to add as many Anime that I've wathed to my list. Unfortunately, a lot of Anime is still missing due to my horrible memory and I've had a period of time where I didn't bother updating anymore due to some problems in my personal life.

My favorite genres are:

However, I do watch pretty much anything regardless of Genre.

If you have any recommendations and it is not currently in my list, please do send me a message as I would really appreciate any new Anime to add to my list ^^


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What?! No manga ratings?

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