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Heya, I am Bahumut5.

I got to this site because a lot of people linked towards it on another site that I moderate.Seeing as how had nothing better to do anyway (The new Moderators stole my job :( ), I decided it was time I finally started working on the list for my Number 1 Hobby! Anime!

So... Guess I should tell something more about myself :/

I have been watching Anime for a few years now. I think it started WAY back in the old days when Anime was just legalized in The Netherlands. It was new and exciting, so they started airing some more and I as a kid loved it.

Of course, I was only 5/6 so I watched it in English, not Japanese.

Although I watched some more in the meantime (Pokemon, Beyblade and all the Kids stuff), I never knew that it was Anime, untill an old friend of mine who used to be a first year just like me at the "Heerbeeck College" told me what a fan she was of Manga.

Thats when my addiction began. I started google'ing everything, found out why it used to be illegal in The Netherlands in the first place (due to Hentai), I learned the difference between Manga and Anime & I started watching about 10 different Anime at the same time. This all in the same week.

Unfortunately, after those 10 Anime, I stopped watching. I got kicked out of school, and decided I should focuss some more on making friends and stuff. Fortunately, the friends I made were all huge Anime fans although they themself didn't even know it was Anime they were watching. I got sucked right back in again 2 years after I stopped watching it for a while.

Ever since, I have been watching Anime and I have tried to keep up with the latest Anime news.

I simply love Anime. Its the biggest hobby I have and the biggest one I ever had.I don't even care what Genre it is, Ill watch anything.Very dedicated viewer and fan :)

I hope Ill find more people with the same interest as me and to be part of a nice community who love the same art as me.

So Nice to meet you all. :)

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