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Heart, Lungs, Brain.. Yup all working..

I was wondering.. what would you get if you mixed.. Nana 7 of 7, added a guy named Nana who also was split into 7,the reactions they'd have as they solved the girl Nana's problems.... then sent them through the world of Geneshaft, and then through the world of Vandread... and documented their travels through which they traveled.

What I like to watch is all across the board. As long as it has a sense of adventure within it, I'd probably like it.. I mean I 've liked from "My Neighbour Totoro" to "Hellsing" and that is kind of hard to classify together.. if you know both of em... Oh great the italics option got stuck on.. oh well.

Currently Watching: 4/27/2013

Suisei No Gargantia: A space warrior human born and bred for battle using highly advanced antimatter mechas crashlands on earth after failing a warp jump. Earth is completely drowned by water, there are no continents left, and the common man's only technology is that of whatever they can salavage from the bottom of the seas.

Arata Kangatari: A boy from our world trades places with a boy from another world. Upon coming to, he is promptly framed for the assasination of their Holy Priestess, whose power keeps the "god spirits" from wreaking havok upon the world (the swords?) The boy from our world is able to use one of the "god spirits".

Shingeki no Kyojin: Massive Human-like titans attack a walled city of humans. Shocked from their peace, the humans must learn to retaliate.
---Brutal gore depictions, but driving plotline derived from months as a Manga.

Hataraku Maou-Sama: Satan comes to modern day Japan and looses his powers (slice of life comed)

Ginga Kikoutai: A bunch of genetically engineered misfit pilots are humanity's last hope for combatting an invasive alien race.  (plot unclear at 3 eps in)

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watever says...

They were more stuff I wanted to add on my genres but those are what I see nowadays. Thank you for the welcome.

Feb 10, 2009
ExistenceDENIED says...

Haha, thank you :3 ~~ Hello to you too :]

Dec 11, 2007
wolfangel87 says...

I just finished watching Elfen Lied and it was amazing!!!!  Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya  is in top priority on my list now!

Dec 5, 2007
1010rikku says...

*reads bio and pulls out calculator* *starts entering information ...add... subtracts...*


I read your rec for Sergeant Frog/Nana, it was great, kinda made me interested in both series now!! Arigato!! 

Dec 4, 2007
sothis says...

Hi Baeron! I see you just joined us... welcome! ^_^ Here are some tips to get going on your profile: you can click "my profile" on the left to fill in your top 5 anime/bio/avatar, you can fill out your anime list easily and quickly by going to the alphabetical list of the anirec and selecting a status for each title (watched, watching, etc.. plus episodes and a star rating), and you can create a custom sig by clicking "my signature" on the left.

I hope you enjoy your stay here, and let me know if you have any questions ^_^

~sothis, webmistress

Nov 13, 2007