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Wild Blog Appears!

14 DEC

Hmm.. I just realized that I could blog after I read Sothis' complaint about "..." blogs. Well, I'll try to make this at least moderately interesting.

Currently I'm watching:
Area 88 : A story about a fighter pilot who gets tricked into signing a Combat Mercenary liscence when drunk... by a "friend". The whole show seems to focus around one pilot's survival, and there are very few unexpected twists in the plot. (I 'loved' the "Desert Fangs" twist, surprised me a bit).
---Watching Episode 5..... oh dear. >.<; looks like they dropped a "plot accelerator" into the middle of combat. *trying to remain vague so if you wanna watch it yourself I'm not giving too much away*

Kasimasi: Girl Meets Girl : This story is about a guy who gets changed into a girl by space aliens... The first thing that came to my mind was Birdy the Mighty Decode, why? I feel it's interesting to watch how people portray someone undergoing a huge almost devistating shift in their life, that is not truly harmful. While Birdy had some decnt plot... Kasimasi, just kind of sinks a bit... The main character forgets that "He" is now a "She" within the first episode... Not very enthralling, and the ailment of the girl he/she loves is... Hilarious and infuriating at the same time. I know what it's like to not be able to recognize people, and I also know it doesn't just "convieniently" happen for only one gender... the show has too much "oh we didn't have enough love scene so we're gonna add one now random" kind of feel to it, and it doesn't really flow... I'm but halfway through this one also... Gonna finish it cause its something you can kind of glaze-watch, for those vacant times.

What's that? You're wondering why I'm watching a love-love story and a War adventuer at the same time? I watch from ALL across the Anime Universe! From Totoro to Hellsing and back again.

Now.. away from the Anime:

Currently doing the cooking at home for my parents... planning stuff is.. awkward. (Found out my brother was partially allergic to one of the meals I tried to prepare... ouch.)

One of my relatives got Three whole bags full of Christmas presents from a client. O.o; Three whole bags is a bit overkill I do believe... (The bags are about the size of those reusable shopping bags you can get at a grocery store.)

Aaaaand.. preparing for Christmas! I hope... I just got sick from one of my cousins, less than a week ago, and the cousin who got me sick is coming back tomorrow. Hope the cousin is not packing another cold.. >.<;; I'm still couging up the last one.


Mua-hahaha! Well I guess that's it for this blog. Turned out to be a bit more content than I thought would arise. *shrug*

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