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Sometimes when I shall look or I read through something really unique, something, that has wakened in you desire to cry (not from poverty of product), to become sad, to regret (not about spent time), to hate (not author), to protect, to kill (and again not the author) to destroy (you will never believe... Again not the author), grief overcomes me. Because that all has ended and already never will repeat that any more will not be never better... But for the sake of such things also it is necessary to live.

And i know my english is suck.

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tetra Sep 22, 2007

I can understand the fear of missing out on lif, that something might happen when you sleep that you do not want to miss. But to me it would be as bad if something important were to happen and I was too tired to experience it. And I find it really boring to sit awake without anything to do and wait for something to happen. (that is generally what I do when I can not sleep...)

tetra Sep 22, 2007

4 hours, that is almost like no sleep at all!

tetra Sep 19, 2007

I wonder who to petition for more hours/day.

There are way to few of them! I want to see more anime, read more books and sleep more not just do chores and search for a job. 

tetra Sep 18, 2007

I am unemployed right now, just finished with school =)


tetra Sep 16, 2007

Heh, no worries about the language, I am swedish myself and can be ... creative... with my english some times ;)

But I atleast started out with the same alphabet! That makes it alot easier.