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Sometimes when I shall look or I read through something really unique, something, that has wakened in you desire to cry (not from poverty of product), to become sad, to regret (not about spent time), to hate (not author), to protect, to kill (and again not the author) to destroy (you will never believe... Again not the author), grief overcomes me. Because that all has ended and already never will repeat that any more will not be never better... But for the sake of such things also it is necessary to live.

And i know my english is suck.

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tetra says...

that must be really annoying. I can only imagine how the jokes where they play with the different meanings of a Kanji would turn out.

Sep 27, 2007
tetra says...

Mostly downloading, but I buy some, mainly movies. It is way too expensive to buy series. And  I prefer fansubing over professional releases, they are often better. Alot better.

Sep 27, 2007
tetra says...

Ah! I use this site to find new things to watch too.

And to talk to others that like anime obviously.

I hope it is ok that I ask if I do not understand something, since you write russian->english and I read english->swedish it is a translations between 3 languages and that can make it confusing =P 

Sep 27, 2007
tetra says...

I did not understand, can you try to explain again?

Sep 26, 2007
tetra says...

offcourse I can always troll around on this site ^^

Sep 24, 2007