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Sometimes when I shall look or I read through something really unique, something, that has wakened in you desire to cry (not from poverty of product), to become sad, to regret (not about spent time), to hate (not author), to protect, to kill (and again not the author) to destroy (you will never believe... Again not the author), grief overcomes me. Because that all has ended and already never will repeat that any more will not be never better... But for the sake of such things also it is necessary to live.

And i know my english is suck.

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tetra Nov 15, 2007

I play one Evoker and one Summoner, both are Cabbalists ;) Its really the most fun!

tetra Nov 14, 2007

Its a really fun game, and I have played soooo much! Well maybe not that much, considering that my life has been wickedly busy lately. (lots of stuff I do not witch to talk about) but as much as I can.

 I have been waiting on it since I heard that they would make it... I know that I saw concept art two and a half year ago, but I think I knew about it efore that even =)

sothis Nov 14, 2007

Hi Baddog,

Could you check and see if Javascript is turned off in your browser? If so, it needs to be on. :) Your user profile comments are coming out all messed up, and usually that's because javascript isn't working in the browser. (If you are using Safari, that could also be why, as it sometimes has problems with the editor :D)

tetra Nov 13, 2007

Home reconstruction? That sounds like fun! Nothing is like doing home-makeovers, buy stuff for rooms and paint and plan and tinker with apartments!

I have Hellgate London. And I am playing it, and playing it and playing it. Really funny game 

tetra Oct 22, 2007


Have not seen you for a while. Is life busy?