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Sometimes when I shall look or I read through something really unique, something, that has wakened in you desire to cry (not from poverty of product), to become sad, to regret (not about spent time), to hate (not author), to protect, to kill (and again not the author) to destroy (you will never believe... Again not the author), grief overcomes me. Because that all has ended and already never will repeat that any more will not be never better... But for the sake of such things also it is necessary to live.

And i know my english is suck.

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tetra avatar tetra


Feb 25, 2008
It is a discordian holiday ^^ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principia_Discordia
tetra avatar tetra


Feb 20, 2008

All is fine!

Holidays? Well, if you are a discordian (all hail Eris!) it was Chaoflux yesterday *nods* 

tetra avatar tetra


Jan 24, 2008


I have been without computer. Now I am with computer. Thus I am back! 

tetra avatar tetra


Nov 25, 2007

Actually, you should read the books behind the movie Eragon. So far I think only Eragon and Eldest is out. The books are SO much better than the movie and are true epic tales with alot of drama, tragedy and intrigue.

The authors name is Christopher Paolini

tetra avatar tetra


Nov 17, 2007

It has fun plots tht lets you know the characters that give you the quests. And the quests have some twists and surprises.

But I would not compare it with a book, rather a tv-show. 

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