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My three main hobbies include gaming, reading, and of course anime watching.

Every moment i'm not at work i'm most likely doing one of these three things. On my own, or with friends.

I love playing RPG's and FPS games, reading sci-fi books, and watching drama and comedy animes. My favorites of which are the Shin Megami Tensei series, the Dune series, and the Oh! My Goddess series respectively.

Beyond my maain hobbies though my life is pretty normal. I work for a living, at a local auto lube shop. And hang out with buddies shooting pool and messing with cars.

Altoghether I probobly spend far to much time pretending to be normal, and not enough feeding my incredibly addictive hobbies...

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1010rikku Nov 19, 2007

I heard alot of god things regarding SMT: Nocturn, but like you said, very, very difficult to find it :(  Maybe I could find it online. it's surprising what you can find if you search a little and are willing to pay the price.

I totally loved everything else the series had to offer, so maybe I can add that to my Christmas wishlist ^_^ 

I understand what you mean about work...that's all I seem to be doing lately, even having problems finding time to watch anime!!  But I guess you do what you gotta do and appreciate it more when you have the chance to watch :)

Zone of enders shouldn't be too difficult to find, I dd a little search and found the DVD's and .avi's pretty easily online. It's that good huh? maybe I should add it to my want to watch then :)

Don't be a stranger, check out my anime list and if you come across something you think i might like, throw me a comment! I'll do the same :)


1010rikku Nov 19, 2007

I was browsing the profile (some would call it lurking, but whatever ^_^) and I happen to notice you were a fan of the Shin Megami Tensei series!!

I have played Digital devil Saga 1 and 2 myself and am currently playing Persona 3 and loving it! It's so different than anything else I have played (and has a great anime style!!!)

What game are you currently playing? And anime series are you watching?  (don't mind me, I'm curious by nature)

sothis Oct 20, 2007

I miss your recommendations! :D

OneiChan Sep 2, 2007

I was just moderating some recs and ran across your first recommendations. They were really good, and on your first day here even! I hope to see more from you in the future! 

I see you are watching GTO... this is on my saved list, I plan to watch it *eventually* If you ever notice, my saved list is bigger than my watched list ^_^;; How are you liking it? Oh, and welcome to anime-planet! We are glad to have you here.