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Hidden anime gems

this is a list of anime i think that either did what they tried to do really well while being underrated and definitely deserve praise for either there comedy , deep emotional sorries ,mystery or just plain great characters, i do realize that not every ones gonna like what i like but if you are looking for any anime that is underrated here is a list of ones I've watched that iv felt that way about
1 Desert Punk
Desert Punk

one of the few decent anime by studio gonzo , and even though its a comedy the post apoctolyptic setting is done alot of justice and the fighting style of the main charcter is rather unique 

2 Gungrave

the best crime drama anime iv ever watched , sadly the last 5 or so episodes ruined it for me because of how much the show changed , the show should have ended on episode 18 and taken the first episode away completly , none the less still a grat anime 

3 King of Thorn
King of Thorn

its been a long time since iv seen this movie , so i cant choose many reason why i liked it and think its under rated but it reminded me alot of anime like gants , or the show walking dead 

4 Level E
Level E
5 Mnemosyne

i can tell that this anime is under rated because of the all the sexual content and is for a more mature ausdience , it was actiony and had a great plot , not to mention a kick ass opening theme 

6 Nyan Koi!
Nyan Koi!
7 Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
8 Un-Go
9 Tiger & Bunny
Tiger & Bunny
10 Okami-san & Her Seven Companions
Okami-san & Her Seven Companions
11 Origin: Spirits of the Past
Origin: Spirits of the Past
12 Sket Dance
Sket Dance
13 Utawarerumono
14 Maria the Virgin Witch
Maria the Virgin Witch


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