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hey im Ben i am a fan of anime and manga , i prefer watching my anime dubed but i do watch both that and subed 

my rateing system is 5/5 are my favorites ushaly ones that i thought were brilliant and just loved watching every single episode of or if its a movie i enjoyed the whole movie from start to finnish and there isent much i didnt like about it 

4.5 /5 ones i thought were really good but just felt like they were missing something and just couldent make it one of my favorites even if i still liked it alot 

4/5 pretty good ushaly with lots of great lines and moments but just couldent hit as hard as i would have liked even if i did like it 

3.5/5 above average ushaly an anime that only dose a few things right with a few awsome moments and lines 

3/5 average whats more to say 

2.5/5 below average 

2/5 ugh lots wrong with it but probably has a few decent moments to make it not totaly terrible 

1.5  bad maybe one decent moment 

1 just plain didnt like 

.5/5 hated every single second of watching it as it has no appel to me what so ever 

i should also note i never drop a series no matter how bad it is i will watch it till the very end as i do belive there should ( SHOULD ) be at least one awsome moment in every anime 

I will also watch any series as long as its anime and try to enjoy the seris as much as possible even if i hate it , i will enjoy hateing it  

Fav studios in order 

1. studio bones most of my favorites come from this studio

2 Madhouse also the most criticly aclaimed studios and for good reason they also made pretty much the rest of my favorites

3 A-1 pictures , no im not a sword art fan boy their animation is always near flawless like the first 2  and have made ome anime i have really enjoyed

4 productions , i, g made some of my lesser favorites but they were all solid

5 Manglobe , really underated studio how ever they havent made any anime that have woahed me with their story or charcters just the epic amount of money put into the animation ( rip manglobe) 

fav charcters (male)

1.Yato (noragami) funny and serious and some times makes a better human than humans 

2.killua zoldyk (hunter x hunter ) coolest 12 year old ever whos power iv always dreamed of haveing

3.Gajeel redfox (fairy tail ) seriously the most metal charcter out there that iv seen ( that arnt specificly in a metal band ) 

 4. Hei (darker than black ) i like charcters with electrical powers this guy uses them but dosent need them , hes mysterious and awsome 

5 ling/greed (full metal alchemist brotherhood)  greed made ling cool  ling made greed funny

fav charcters female

1.koko hekmatyar ( jormungand) , weapons dealer , owns a child soldier , kill people , and one of the funnist charcters iv ever had the pleasure of laughing at  

2. hiyori ikei ( noragami ) cute and innocent but not useless saves a god more than a few times 

3 bisky kruger (hunter x hunter ) with her old english style and 12 year old like looks a woman never reveals her real age till her hair is eaten ? o.O hxh fans will understand

4 akari yomatsuri( captain earth ) the main reason i kept watching this anime , she takes the world hsotage 

5 levy mcgarden (fairy tail) just the kinda charcter i like , dosent stand out much but just enough  

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GirlGamerAnimeLover Apr 23, 2016

Hey, Mr. Baker! Its me ya home girl Leeanne! XD

Sepulchure0921 Feb 13, 2014

You gots to watch dis.

Sepulchure0921 Feb 13, 2014

Mah gerd.

Been watching aniem movies recently.

5cm per second was amazing o:

Sepulchure0921 Jan 11, 2014

Finished Gantz bish

Guess i'll read the manga now

Great anime thanks, really liked it