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Hi I'm Rachel. I'm new to anime, having just been introduced to it a year or so ago. Anime is a hell of a lot better than doing homework!

Just Finished 07-Ghost and my god it was AWESOME! I loved all the characters, especially Frau and Kuroyuri.

I'm a 10th grade highschooler who's life is a living hell with all the teachers hounding on me. Will they just shut the fuck up? But my friends are the BEST! Except for those who I secretely hate and those who hate anime >_<

My favorite anime is Durarara!! Izaya-kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

I was born in the Netherlands but than we moved to the US when I was 3. Personally I miss the Netherlands even though I don't remember anything XD. I want to go there but so far I haven't even gone to another country.

I play the guitar and love heavy metal and rock music. I can kick anyone's ass on DDR.

And yeah.... I'll add more when I feel like it. maybe, yes, probably, no

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animeforever817 Mar 16, 2011

ha ha thats how much I love anime. But don't get me wrong I do have a life >_<

Looked at your list and it seems that you like a lot of animes that I also like. So if ya want ta you can check my anime list out :D