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The title of this show is perhaps its single greatest flaw. While certainly being about the typical japanese "magical girl" it is far from typical in every other respect. The story, which is essentially about the nature of a wish, takes an intimate look at the implications of desire and how it's literal impact may be substantially more important than the intentions that created it. The characters are somewhat contrived yet infinitely original; they follow a template similar to their predecessors and yet, as the story progresses, shatter that very template entirely. It becomes a question of what is wanted and what is needed, and whether a child (or young adult) can actually come to a satisfactory conclusion. The struggle to answer this question and the attempt, perhaps failure, in doing so is an excellent plot device that not only adds intrigue to the story, but forces the audience to relate with, and become more attached to, the young girls who are attempting to protect that which they hold most dear...

Now I ask you, what is that which you desire? Would you do anything to achieve it, even endangering others in the process? Is your deepest, most intimate wish worth the price of your soul or will you regret that emotion once it it realized? To know one's heart is difficult enough, but to change reality, to desire without understanding literality and consequence; can it really be accomplished by the inherent immaturity of a child? Is innocence a price worth losing in return for the fragility of friendship or love? Can one even trust such an alluring proposal? These questions and many more are both explored and answered in this tale of tribulation and tragedy. Please do not let the artwork fool you, its storyline is short but well constructed, and ultimately the most provocative work within its genre. I encourage everyone of all walks of life to at the very least, give this show a chance. You won't regret it.

-The Angel Of Death

10/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.8/10 overall
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