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Manathane Jan 30, 2011

Your avatar is from Zero no Tsukaima, right? Not MM! <.<

XXOSSISXX Jan 19, 2011

LOL i am verry sorry to have come upon this answer so so late, i have been doing my own thing and it think i post this reiview for the anime last year and i have not seen the anime since last year but if i do recall it had a happy mix with a sad ending as well i cant say since i still remeber that it was a very very short anime so one little detail of this anime can really ruind the hole thing but yea it had a happy an dsad ending..

ispaceout Dec 30, 2010

Hey there, sorry for the late reply, i was out of town xD

About a week ago you sent me a comment asking about Eve no Jikan, the anime. What dont you understand about it?

Very broadly speaking, its about androids who develop personality and emotion, and a boy who has to decide on how to treat them, wether with discrimination or equality.

the story itself is very similar to the Will Smith movie called iRobot, in the sense that like Irobot, the androids in Eve no Jikan are bound by rules stating that they cannot harm humans, ect ect. It is also similar to iRobot in the sense that the androids in Eve no Jikan also develop human traits, though obviously on a much larger scale compared to iRobot.

There is a websight dedicated to Eve no Jikan (Time of Eve),


there you can learn more information about the anime series. I know that the anime is short and only 6 episodes, but i think that they are coming out with more.

If you have any specific questions, just ask.

tjayb330 Dec 30, 2010

U didn't know ur icon was from the anime MM! ??? haha i kinda like that one i actually hav stalled it for quite a bit and hav been meaning to finish it if u hav never heard of it u should try it u mite like it from the animes u like....

tjayb330 Dec 18, 2010

is ur icon from MM!? lol