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Bored, Bored, I'll talk about Anime.

14 JAN

So I've neverwritten a blog post and I'm just bored, so I'll write one. Most likely nobody will read it but this is just something for me to keep for myself for... I don't know, when I look back in the future and say, "Hah, what in idiot, Past Chau was." So, HELLO Future Chau, if you are reading this, Past Chau thinks that Future Chau is a cool guy. Just saying.

Anyways, Let's do something relevant to Anime, here shall we? Or actually, I'll start with manga.

I recently finished reading Welcome to the NHK and I quite enjoyed it. I think it was very original and different, in that when you expected something to happen, it definitely didn't. The ending was bittersweet, but definitely fitting, and the entire manga was great. Personally I don't read much manga so I think I'll continue on this manga spree. Next? Probably... Full Metal Alchemist.

As for the Winter Anime that just started, I'm not going to get in-depth with everything right now, (that's for a future post, hehehe....) but I will say that, honestly... I don't know. Other than Nisemonogatari, (that's a given), I honestly don't think anything is going to WOW me this season. Of course, I'd love to be proven wrong, and I probably will, (I pretty much fall in love with any decently good anime,) but as of right now, I'm not extremely impressed. Not saying that anything is bad, actually, I don't really hate any of the shows, I think they are all good in their own way, it's just I don't see anything that's really supreme. So I'll be watching for that, and hoping that something really just blows my mind away.

But before I end this post, I think what I'll do is mention atleast one Anime each blog post. And for this one I really want to talk about Mawaru Penguindrum. I really loved this anime. Honestly, it was definitely one of the best animes of 2011, and it was splendid. I think it was executed well, although at some points the metaphors sort of were difficult to follow, but the ending pulled everything together spectacularly. The characters were not only interesting, but they were on another level of WHOA. I think each character in the show was well developed, and it was just... Great.

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