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Ohayo! Aly-desu! I'm one heck of an otaku! I love anime and manga. And I am asian, as you can tell from my name. Teehee. 

My favorite animes: Well, I love so many animes, it's hard to choose, you know? When I talk about my favs, more and more keep popping up so yeah. Although here are a couple! Naruto (Shippuden)! Bleach! Fairy Tail! ~ Fruits Basket! Special A! Maid-sama! 

My absolute favorite anime characters are: Toshirou Hitsugaya! He's my number one! I love him so much! So sad that the anime is finished.... I don't get to see that fiesty captain anymore.. ~And then there's TOBI from Naruto Shippuden! And I mean the funny, goofy, adorbs, lollipop mask, talks-in-third-person Tobi. Not Tobito... Although, he's awesome too! 

I LOVE making new friends so hit me up anytime, yeah! I don't bite!... too often! ;) Heh heh. I love fruits and I am a pretty affectionate person. But, Anime is my life.

I will tell you here and now, that I am without a doubt an anime lover, all the way. It's my hobby, and my escape. So I am an otaku. Not in the bad way though! 

And going for S&M, I think I would be masochist. You? Bahaha. ~ I think Shoukiin Kagerou is rubbing off on me! (reference to Inu x Boku SS) Oh I love that guy. 

Oh. And I am of the female race. I like to point stuff like this out, because sometimes I wonder if they are female or male. And it gets weird because I don't know how to address them. Ever happen to you? 

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HatsuneMiku01 Jul 1, 2013

I like your profile very uplifting as far as the masochist stuff please dont hurt me as Im an ultra sado masochist(reference MM!)! lol jk I also enjoy romance comedies and am currently looking to pick up new ones this week. Im thinking Honey and Clover or perhaps finishing Host club since its been on my netflix forever.