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Wouldn't call myself a HUGE anime person....but looking at my life it's had a major impact on me at some levels. My daughter *2 jan 6th* is named Akira.


So I guess I like anime enough to name my daughter after a character.

I was just introduced to Bleach about 2 weeks ago. I'm through episode 60 and should have caught up to the series in another 2-3 weeks. I have too much down time I guess.

I am a sales manager at the 38th largest remodeler in the country. I also Co-own one of the largest production companies in the Northwest focusing on Electronic Music

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sothis Sep 22, 2008

Hey thanks! ^_^

You'll like it even more in a few months - this is the halfass version that got put up cause of hte security breach :(

wolfangel87 Dec 12, 2007

Interesting name! 

I was curious to see what kind of anime you liked!  :(

1010rikku Dec 9, 2007

Welcome to anime-planet! Don't forget to add your anime list! Most important aspect of this site! It is really great to track all the wonderful anime you have seen! And the anime to come!!

You're nic made me giggle, I had initially read asiannerd :P Then my eyes focused and realized what it really said!! Silly me, must be too much time watching anime on the computer messing with my eyes... 

sothis Dec 3, 2007

Oh good, you managed to log on :p I wasn't sure if there were issues with signing up (and your damn inbox on nwtekno was full ;))

Anyways, hi! ^_^ ^_^ Want some tips on what to do? You can update your profile by clicking "my profile" on the left (top 5 anime, bio, etc); you can create a super awesome custom signature by clicking "my signature" on the left; and most importantly, you can fill out your anime list. The easiest way to do that is to go to the alphabetical list of the anirec and select a status for each title (watched, watching, etc) with # of episodes if applicable and your 1-5 star rating.

Hmm, just let me know if you get stuck on anything else etc. ^_^