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Well not much to describe about myself but I'll give you the rundown:

My life mainly consist of work but in my free time I like to sit back and enjoy my anime, various network shows, or some random movie that catches my interest. My main interests are music, anime, and sci-fi/horror flicks. I don't have much of a social life outside of work, in which case I get plenty of socialization done so I like to spend my time off work glued in front of the cpu or tv and have some alone time.

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What?! No anime ratings?

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wolfangel87 Feb 12, 2008

As Tetra said, I am too!!!!!!!!!!  

Many congrats on the wonderful anime list! 

tetra Feb 12, 2008

I am envious of your life!

Well, just the job part I guess since that is the difference between us (oh, and the tv-movie thing, I prefer to read) 

Kivan Feb 11, 2008

277 :) Nice anime list... and I see you've selected some Slayers stuff as want to watch... I've seen all there is...:) and liked it a lot... some more... some less... but all in all... Slayers have a special place in my otaku heart lol

Welcome :) 

Tachikoma Feb 11, 2008

welcome to AP! its great to have u here! hope u enjoy the site and make some good friends!!!

cya 'round

from AP's "formally" only tachikoma unit


sothis Dec 24, 2007

Whew! Impressive anime list :D when you get a chance, fill in your profile too! ^_^ (just click "my profile" on the left, super easy).

Enjoy yoru stay here!