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Konnichiwa, minna-san!

I'm Aysha, but a lot of people have different nicknames for me. So, I'm going with the one on my username.

I like: Anime music, singing, arcade games, anime, manga, fanfiction, spaghetti, pizza, sushi, cinnabon, coffee, music, converse (as in the shoes), terrorizing my cousins (just kidding... or am I?) and being my weird, crazy self!

I dislike: Hmm, maybe I'll do this later...

So, sorry if I bored you with all that junk up above. The main focus that I wanted to get across was the fact that I love anime music so much that I rarely listen to English songs... Sad, isn't it? I also collect anime music, so if y'all want any, feel free to ask me ^^

But it makes a lot of people happy, and that's all I want you to be.

Thank you, Yuuki-nee!


You can find me on MAL here: BOOM!

Current song addiction: KANA-BOON - Silhouette


As an OST enthusiast, I would like anyone who reads my profile to check out KeiNiwa's channel on YouTube, called AnimeMusixBillboard. If you want to vote, well now there's a new Twitter page, just for that purpose. So, what are you waiting for? Vote HERE!


...so check him out HERE and DON'T leave him any messages :P

Thank you for listening!

Here are some of the clubs that I'm involved in:


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ReZero says...

Hello Greeter!

I'm doing a list where every Greeter is from

so I wanted to ask you if you want to tell me where you from?

May 23, 2015
TheLeonBM says...

Hey! sorry for the late reply, hope you enjoy those anime. You said you listen to some of the same japanese artist I do. Could you recommend your favorites? I don't mind the genre (I do have a preference for female vocalists though). :) 

May 19, 2015
KonaIzumi says...

Aysha-chan ~~~

May 9, 2015
SasuNaru says...

Oh, that's good. I'm a weird person as well so I think this is going to work out :D

Since I don't really know what to ask... what was your first anime and how old were you when you watched it? :3

By the way, you can ask me anything you want :3 I will most likely tell you everything, because you don't know my face and I don't know yours and that gives me a feeling of security, if that makes any sense :D

(I actually thought of asking you about your sexual orientation.. but then I was like "the hell? Where did that come from ._." so I decided that I'm not going to ask..)

He was under the influence of the "Kazekage" but he also wanted to hurt and kill people himself. And that is something I find fascinating about him, despite having a past that is rather gruesome he grew to be such a kind guy, be forgiving and now he is even Kazekage and wants to protect his people :3 Plus, I actually adore red-haired beings so that's quite awesome ^_^v

And I am very sorry that I forgot to reply. I read your answer, like a week ago, but I have my final exams coming up so I had to get my marks on the right track :P So, writing a reply just totally slipped my mind!

May 5, 2015
Yandereyu says...

Hey Aysha thanks for coming to my profile, now I have someone to ask help for. I really don't understand, how do you import your list, anime etc. from MAL to here.

Can you help please help me?

Thanks in advance :)

May 3, 2015