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Konnichiwa, minna-san!

I'm Aysha, but a lot of people have different nicknames for me. So, I'm going with the one on my username.

I like: Anime music, singing, arcade games, anime, manga, fanfiction, spaghetti, pizza, sushi, cinnabon, coffee, music, converse (as in the shoes), terrorizing my cousins (just kidding... or am I?) and being my weird, crazy self!

I dislike: Hmm, maybe I'll do this later.

So, sorry if I bored you with all that junk up above. The main focus that I wanted to get across was the fact that I love anime music so much that I rarely listen to English songs... Sad, isn't it? I also collect anime music, which I know according to law is illegal and all.

But it makes a lot of people happy, and that's all I want you to be.

I've created an online blog, due to the removal of the blog feature in Anime-Planet. This is the link to my blog: http://ayshashahanie.blogspot.ae. Even though I don't upload anymore posts, this is where I take requests for anime songs. It will include a post with the name 'Requests!'. If you want a song, just comment there with the format and your email. So, remember: detail is key. I'll do my best to find it, and if I don't, I'll let some of my other anime music collectors know :)

Thank you for listening!

Here are some of the clubs that I'm involved in:

Here is a banner a good friend made for me (I love this banner, seriously, its so cool!):

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WonderBoom says...

And oh didn't notice you asked that, uh, I like it more here, but over there they can be saved, unless you erase them from the inbox. Which we will probably do, so probably here is fine then hahaha

Sep 20, 2014
WonderBoom says...

What, I can't decide that! you decide that! *Sends reply back in both*. I was watching Mekaku City Actors, I was just close to finishing it so might as well. I'm super confused since I don't know what's happening lol.

Well I'm trusting you in a mad way:P Ok then, baka hehe. And no, you wanted to let go iirc. *Doesn't let go*

I was asking if 19 was close, or whatever my guess was, I think that was your guess haha. Than I called myself super hot. Well we're still the BoomTwins:/


N-No, I didn't say that! Don't twist my words! Haha fine! That's not what I call myself! Well I did but that's irrelevant! That's not good for me, hahaha! Did you call me Prince? Or were you saying the nickname I stole was "Prince", either way I'll accept the first one. I'm getting into a fight anyway. If I get the bat, am I not the knight too? Sweet this is getting better and better:P 

Well I saw you pink! Alright. Wait what? Haha. No, I like compliments, keep them coming. Please?:P And haha, how would you know if I fell on garbage? hahahaha. I would like some compliments though. Real compliments, not sarcastic ones hahaha. Yes you are kawaii, just admit it already and be more kawaii.

APRIL?! That's so much time! Hahaha what are you going to do for all that time?! You got a 3ds?!:P Get a 3ds! Welp I guess I can choose based on my schedule. How about uh... Fridays at... I don't know when I'm free in your time that isn't very late haha. We can try Sundays between 10am-2pm which is like 7pm-11pm your time. Haha :O ok then, I take them back:P Thanks for that hehe. Depends how, haha, I don't know, you can bring me up if you want to, but I didn't send you:P How would you even bring me up hahaha. And no, you get to be part of the club! Come on it will be fun!:P

You don't consider friends a relationship?! Are we not friends?! You're not allowed to call me Hime-chan then!:/ When should I add you? I don't know if you're ready. Haha but I would never login to the fake one!:P If I give you the real one though, to ignore you I would need to always be unavailable (I always have my real skype on sometimes, even when I'm not there haha)! It's a DS game, one of the best out there. I totally recommend it, it's fun with a fun story, you'd love it. It's also made by the same guys of Phoenix Wright, but it's way more friendly than that complicated game:P 

I love breakdancing so much? When did I tell you that? Haha. And what do you mean "just realized how that sounds"?:P Well for starters, you watching Steins;Gate. Second uh... I didn't really think of this haha. Say I'm handsome and the coolest guy ever, ooh ooh, even better, put that in your bio and blog as well:P. That and I'll consider it:P And... I'm not hyper OR depressed! Kind of. That's why I don't add them back either!:P And yes you are as emotional as me, you're being emotional right now! And you're so emotional you're tsundere!:P 

Wait what? I keep opening all tabs haha, well I barely use the tabs now that you mention it, so true, true. I do have to go back to mine partially though. I insulted myself? And then you insult me? If I did my ego would go to the dupsters! Do I get a compliment now?

YOU HAVE MUSIC IN THERE? hahaha, and is that a cop out to saying you're not emotional? Because that's a definite lie:P

Sep 20, 2014
WonderBoom says...

And you need to update your blog:P

Sep 20, 2014
RDRulez says...

Hey, :)

'RDRulez' is just a username I've stuck with since I first started online, it's just a combination of my actual name's initials. Feel free to call me RD online as that's what I'm used to especially on Xbox Live haha.

I've just looked up BTOOOM! and I see that it's on Cruncyroll! Happy me :D I will check it out tomorrow when I have some free time and let you know how I get on. :) Once again thank you for the very nice welcome to A-P :) I don't have anything to ask regarding the site yet but when I do you'll be the first person I ask. :)


Sep 20, 2014
WonderBoom says...

Haha well last night I couldn't stay awake for some reason, so I fell asleep at like 11pm:P (I was actually watching an anime and I think I recorded the episdoe count wrong because I wasn't understanding anything, I went back an episode and I was falling asleep on it:P)

Which is what? Haha, are you asking what facial expression should I have? :/ Or not to trust you? Oh, I thought it wasn't an insult! SuperBaka! Yes we are, and ok then! *keeps hugging*

Am I hot or cold. On the number of age, we all know I'm super hot. I don't think I've been responding to your guesses haha. And I think we closed the deal by like, 6 from now by now haha, and you probably tried calling me that like 12 comments ago, and I probably started calling you coolboom, coolboom, like 20 comments ago, I don't remember why I stopped. And you're welcome, I guess ⌐ ⌐.

Pfff you're so emotional. Fine! *SUCCESS* Haha I'm probably never send you that anytime soon. Probably. 

Gaara is so cool and badass. You're... I guess you're similar in some way or another, Gaara-kun:P. ANd pfft, now you're calling me an airhead? I'm not Yui, I'm Ritsu! Wait, nevermind that haha. And our comments are irrelevant! What I'm talking about is the words in the comments I supposedly took back! If you ignore the "comments" part of that statement, it is totally unrelated! Sure I can! Why am I responding to Hime-chan like if it was normal now haha. Wait why would she beat me up? She can't beat princesses up! And by princesses I mean, uh..., uh.... I'm at a loss for words. And hey, I didn't say I was! But thanks, I knew I could count on you:P. Welp, better start getting the bat first.

Hey, you showed it yourself! you were totally pink! No, don't stop, I like compliments, and I don't like being in the dumps! Wait literally and figuratively? I understand that even less now! And I think we did mention being weird was our thing, but being weird is weird! You're weird! Weirdly kawaii! Super kawaii!

You don't have like, school or work or something? Haha I will send it eventually, I don't know how to make it though! Well my schedule would be weird, but I'm free weekends and Thursdays I guess. Yes, secret. And yes, girl talk. Wait, is that like a show or are you calling me a girl or are you calling my talk a girl thing?! I'm saying "No!" to what ever you respond! But isn't being a part of a club, joining it? haha. You don't have to, that would make it seem like I'm afaid to talk to her:P If you can call partners me being the owner and you doing everything, then sure haha. It will be the best ninexistant club ever!

I think we're going too fast on this relationship:P Hahaha yeah either should work, I keep changing my name on Skype so, I guess I will add you eventually haha. I think I have a Ghost Trick picture. Should I add you on my fake skype or my real skype... hmmm...

No no, it's not fair, I'm not only a guy, I'm bad at dancing as well! I need more rewards if I ever even try doing it. With that kind of deal I only will learn one step I like from that dance. Haha BFF Friends Forever. Haha not even half of them still talk to me! Some of them just added me and never talked to me! haha. Making these comments smaller is like holding out feelings!:P And since you're so emotional that will be hard.

We never will haha, we will always neeed to go back to the past message to see what we were talking about. And I don't know, whatever you feel like, I mean, I-. I don't know hahaha. Are you calling me a jerk for critizising myself?:P Or because I said you stopped linking to songs? :P

Sep 20, 2014