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Konnichiwa, minna-san!

I'm Aysha, but a lot of people have different nicknames for me. So, I'm going with the one on my username.

I like: Anime music, singing, arcade games, anime, manga, fanfiction, spaghetti, pizza, sushi, cinnabon, coffee, music, converse (as in the shoes), terrorizing my cousins (just kidding... or am I?) and being my weird, crazy self!

I dislike: Hmm, maybe I'll do this later...

So, sorry if I bored you with all that junk up above. The main focus that I wanted to get across was the fact that I love anime music so much that I rarely listen to English songs... Sad, isn't it? I also collect anime music, so if y'all want any, feel free to ask me ^^

But it makes a lot of people happy, and that's all I want you to be.

Thank you, Yuuki-nee!


You can find me on MAL here: BOOM!

Current song addiction: KANA-BOON - Silhouette


As an OST enthusiast, I would like anyone who reads my profile to check out KeiNiwa's channel on YouTube, called AnimeMusixBillboard. If you want to vote, well now there's a new Twitter page, just for that purpose. So, what are you waiting for? Vote HERE!


...so check him out HERE and DON'T leave him any messages :P

Thank you for listening!

Here are some of the clubs that I'm involved in:


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What?! No manga ratings?

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angel959 says...

thank you very much for your help, that helped alot :3

Feb 27, 2015
elas says...

hahaha yes i agree, and u can see how good anime is if u like the rating and everything. 

hahaha that's so mean.xD


Feb 27, 2015
Elgi777 says...

I am preparing for the session (university). In this month's finished watching "Sayonara, zetsubou sensei".

P.S.  How to send private message on this website ?

Feb 27, 2015
prigon says...

Ah lucky me i got some time to speak to you i dont have free time either these days because of my exams and i guess i would not be here for almost a month so see ya 

Feb 26, 2015
airain says...

Hey Aysha! Thanks a lot for your welcoming message~ :D Here do looks like a great place to hang around. I'll take my time slowly around here xD 

Thanks again! See you around~ have a lovely day!

Feb 26, 2015