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Hey guys. You can call me Ayaoshi, Ayao, Ay, or just A. Doesn't matter really. Im 15 years old and I'm pretty sure im obsessed with Anime.

Basically, I only prefer ENGLISH DUBBED anime, purely because im so freaking ADD I catch my self looking at a spec on the monitor when Im having to read word for word watching ENGLISH SUBBED.

Recent favorites - Tsubasa Chronicle, Blood+, Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin Trust and Betrayal OVA, D.N. Angel. 

And my all time Top 5 favorites are in my profile :)

Seeyah around on the forums!

UPDATE: 2/21/09

Doh! WHY DOES EVERYONE SAY SECOND SEASONS SUCK? Personally I'm liking Code Geass R2 just as well if not even more than the first season.

Yeah well, i've taken a long enough break from anime. (I think before tonight the last episode I watched was in early January.).. Actually I found a liking in that book called Twilight. So I just read those instead of watching anime. But now I'm just as depressed when I good anime show ended. Actually, probably worse. I finished the fourth book 3 days ago, and I've probably had the most boring days of my life.

Mm hm, well I suppose it's back to anime for a few months until something new comes up. With any luck I'll find a new show to get hooked on.. so


Action/Adventure, Mystery, etc.

I'm looking for a newer anime. I know it's probably a sin to say this for you anime-old-timers, but I'm really sick of the older animation. I tried Yu Yu and I couldnt even watch with any interest because of the DBZish 90's animation. Killed me!

Also, I've been considering watching at least one show other than Basilisk in japanese subs, so if you know of one I haven't already seen (check my list, that's all of them) PLEASE comment!

Oh and im insanely bored so I'm gonna list my favorite bands and songs lately.. lol.

Been going for the soft rock/indie style right now:

Kingsfall - "When you Cry"

Paramore - "I caught Myself"


Jason Mraz - "I'm Yours"

The Early November - "Pretty Pretty"

                               "1000 times a day"

                               "Sunday Drive"

Boys Like Girls - Basically all of their recent songs

Frou Frou - "Let Go"

Yeah, if your into indie/soft rock (and Frou Frou is similiar to techno.. a little) then check those bands out! Oh and beware: Paramore grows on you.

Okay I'm done. That killed 10-15 minutes. Woot woot.


P.S. I'm male so the hole magical girl genre doesn't cut it for me.

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Manibusan Dec 31, 2008

yeah i watch some dubed too, but mostly subbed. But with Bleach for some reason i can't bring my self to watch subbed. I think I kind of grew attached to the english voices.

trajector Dec 31, 2008

OMG i cant believe somebody else also ONLY watches english dubs. I never thought i would c someone like me who only watches dubs(btw i watch them for basically the same reason as u :P ). So A if u ever need any new animes to watch just check out my anime list since u can be sure that everything i ever watched has been in dub. Enjoy and welcome to anime planet.

raitei Dec 31, 2008

Happy New Year  and Welcome to anime-planet. Just wanted to welcome you to this wonderfull place, I have been using this site for years but made an account only a few days ago. Well you say you only like dubs, watch Desert Punk it was the first anime I really liked in dubs. Caution: Do Not Watch The Four Last Episodes Of That Series They Suck, Badly. They changed everything. Anyhow, I have been on here more often than not these few days, looking for a good comedy anime if you know any PM please, thanks in advance.


zirinbaku Dec 31, 2008

Welcome to A-P! The important thing isn't whether you like subs or dubs. The important thing is, you love anime! That's why we're here! You may eventually find that there are some shows you want to hear subs of, particularly if you discover a Japanese seiyu whose voice you like. Keep watching and have a great new year in 2009.

mimi Dec 31, 2008


Happy New Year also i hope you enjoy A-P    ^_^