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Not much really to me, I really like anime, music, games, and computers alot. However getting to know computers more I found that I prefer networking overal. I watch pretty much all genres of anime except the shoujo and loli. Music has to be any type of metal, game OST remakes, and techno! I am a game collector with complete MGS, DMC, and Onimusha series. I even own all of the 4th, 3rd, and 2nd generation consoles/hanhelds. Photography is a great past time of mine and I am constantly learning and trying new things. Photography is relaxing, fun, and a great way to travel and meet people.

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Shallow Jun 23, 2009

Thank you! Reguarding your top 5.. A good friend of mine really liked Berserk but I heard it was pretty bloody, yeah? It's not something I particularly like in anime but he said it was really good. You recommend it too?

Leviath Mar 18, 2009

LOL there is a long story, go to www.myspace.com/untiltheyallreturn,  that was the lead singers old band Leviath, they crashed and burned, so they changed untiltheyallreturn to leviath, just for chris the lead singer lol and they dont have any thing new up, with all the people, but they have the one instramental from the talent show that has the same Drummer, and guitarist(my bro). and my brother can rip that old Leviath guitarist a NEW ONE lol, my bro played at the local bar place or stage w/e lol called CrocRock

Leviath Mar 18, 2009

LOL thanks and yea metal is awesome, my brother got me into it, my name is actually his bands name, they keep changing it, before it was Until They All Return, hes a good guitarist, he won an award at an underground guitar comp, for best guitarist in the state lol....so with out saying their new band name is Leviath