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YO! My name is Alex im a big fan of Anime's and manga.I dont really care what gender is the anime  my only interest is that it has a interesting story.I have a very looong list of anime's that i finisht and some that i want to watch or waiting for episodes to appear. At most of them i read there manga and i read manga's of some series that never becomed a anime.

A yea im 18 years old i love to go in my imaginari world and  creat storyies to bad i suck at drawing if i didnt i think i wode have made about 50 manga's.

My Hobby is to take picture's of nature people etc.

My favorite music is Rock and Death Metal.

Im a very nice person and a devil sometime's but i kind one.

Anyway Nice to meet you all!

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Avian Sep 23, 2008

A yea i call it not having nothing to do for some good years im a very bored person so most of my time i love to watch animes you can say i have a color full imagination. ^^"

Avian Sep 23, 2008

Now it is some what complete anyway i need to find all my anime lists think i miss a few but cant rememer >.<!

VivisQueen Sep 22, 2008

Woah, what the hell kind of stats do you call that??? That's A LOT of anime, and you're only 18? Christ. Hehehe. Well, hope I see lots of recommendations from you cause you'll obviously have a lot of ideas with that kind of a list.