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sothis says...

To be honest I thought this wouldnt be possible to add given its history and lack of availability, but I finally last week discovered you could purchase an old copy of this on amazon - so I did so and added the entry, which you requested a full year ago XD


Hopefully you enjoy the entry ^_^ was a hard one to get!!

Apr 22, 2009
Jensling says...

'ello ^_^

your profile is very empty O.O


You've been STALK'D!

Sep 19, 2008
arc666 says...

*Climbs into tree for easy stalking*

*falls out*


Sep 18, 2008
Uriel says...

*Stalks Average and Vivis - two birds with one stone*

Sep 18, 2008
VivisQueen says...

*stalk stalk stalk*

*Peeks out*


*slides back into shadow* BYE!!!

Sep 18, 2008