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Mirai Nikki TV

Mar 9, 2014

Still on an anime kick...

...I searched a couple of forums mentioning any kind of radical genre or intense story-lines - Mirai Nikki - or Future Diary, was one that stood out. I had no idea what I was getting myself into plot-wise though, as this series' reputation relies on on of its characters - spawning an internet meme, in the form of a facial expression, common place among various sites, even those non-related. At 26 episodes, It's a tad too long, so you can guarantee there's filler episodes not integral to the plot... That being said, they're not exactly delving into character development either...

Mental (Plot)

Yukieteru is a weird chap. Happy as an observer, he barely talks to anyone at school, only opening his mouth to respond to teachers and eating, I presume. Constantly jotting down daily activities in his diary, he documents absolutely every happening in his day - this in turn, becomes the beginning of the story - which initially starts as some kind of pathetic imaginary game. In his mind, he conceives 'Deus' - some kind of God of time and space, as well as his little assistant/pet/I have no idea what - Murmur. The game - Last man standing shall become the new God. Along with 12 other unknown participants, Yukiteru is gifted a 'Future Diary' - each offering different abilities - all generally to do with time alteration and preventing/causing lethal outcomes. So this school boy dreamt up this game and yet has zero idea of what to do as player one (referred to as 'First' by the other players). Luckily or... not so... Yuno Gasai - the most beautiful, smartest, ideal student role model etc etc is no.2 in the game, however unlike the remaining 11, she allies herself with Yukiteru, creating a formidable team as her diary is strictly to do with Yukiteru and his actions.


Yukiteru Amano, AKA First
As said before, this guy's very much a loser. His super high pitch voice exacerbates most situations. Has one 'skill' if you like, which is darts. Offers extremely little input to the game and is heavily reliant on Yuno Gasai. A terrified little boy - not exactly a self insert character like the majority of anime's, eh? At least not a willing one.

Yuno Gasai, AKA Second
This girl is bat-sh*t crazy. In every sense. The pink hair is like a decoy at first - as if she's some fun loving cute and innocent girl, when in reality she she's a psychotic monstrosity of a character. Brutally possessive of Yukieteru (whom she secretly spied on/stalked in real life) she'll cut down anyone in his/her way or if anyone so much as looks at him wrong. She's also a dab hand with various types of weaponry and despite her calm, dedicated demeanour, she is an unstable, calculating, cold hearted killer.

Minene Uryu, AKA Ninth
Looks like a carbon copy of Batman's 'Harley Quinn' character to being with. Tries to blow a school, so she's decent with explosives and has the 'Escape Diary'. She has her own little backstory and pops up fairly often, which is always a treat as she offers a more mature vibe to the show... even if she's a bit harsh, she definitely has a heart of gold in there.. somewhere..

Aru Akise
The only non-diary owner worth mentioning, this guy is a smart-arse wannabe detective. He tags along with Yukiteru alongside 2 other nobodies, but due to his background and intelligence, is a decent threat to everyone involved.

There's also a policemen, a cult leader, a blind vigilante, a 4 year old prodigy, a dog breeder, a schmaltzy married couple, a fat lady and the mayor :S


I can't honestly recall any of the soundtrack other than the always repeated intro and outro themes - which both odd, the first sucked, the latter was ok. It's surprisingly violent in places, which can be a shock considering the pink pigtailed main heroine. For lack of a better word, almost every single action by Yuno Gasai is disturbing. Her lack of relatable traits, undying/unfounded dedication to 'Yuki', messed up family life... what.a.psycho. I can't really recommend this anime, because of 2. solid reasons: 1. Anime is like a guilty pleasure for me right now, just like it was when i was 13 and 2. this anime is in sync with that - it feels really childish at times with its fast paced fighting, violence and hollow/stereotype characters. Despite all the glaring negatives, it held my attention with its lack of sense and seriousness.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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