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My name is Karlee (obviously). I'm 16. Im 2 lazy to get my l's. Sophie and Rhino are my Crashing Monkeys and i love em. Tanika is one of the bestest friends ive ever had!!! I feel like i've known Jess AALLL my life! She's my munkuu :P Im anti-religion (but have nothing against God). Music is my life. I sing If i randomly start singing dont be scared its just what i do. I play the piano awesomely but always forget to practice. Im very often bored. I like to complain and yes im a pain in the ass when i do. Acting is super I love it because i get to be something that im not. I do not get enough sleep. My brain likes to stop functioning. Alot of the time i will not make sense Because the things my brain thinks of will not be able to come out in words. I try to hold grudges but never can. I find it impossible to hate someone unless there is an extremely good reason to. I get over things easily ... I have a stupid sense of humour. I don't drink enough water and i drink WAY to much coke. I love masks ... do not ask me why cause i don't know Jack and Zero are my lucky charms I keep things for no reason. I hate stereotypes but i love acting in a stereotype. Im always sick. I am scared of needles and hospitals. The only art i will ever like is my friends art. I want to be in a band. I do things even though i know i shouldnt And i avoid things i know i really should do. I would do anything for my close friends. I dont care what happens when i die as long as i know i lived my life the best i could. Punk is not and never will be dead. I believe even the tiniest of things that happen in you life change the course of everything.

Anime (other then music) keeps me alive :P

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ketchupdemon Nov 27, 2007

Lol those are all of my first anime i ever seen :). Yay for adult swim xD

Reawen Sep 3, 2007

Hey, welcome to A-P! I'm happy to see Trigun made it into your top 5 ^_^ When you get a chance, make sure you go through and mark the anime you've seen as "watched," "watching," etc. It'll fill out your "my life spent on anime" bar. Which is scary. o_O

And if you fancy a chat, feel free to stop by the forums as well. Craziness is always ensuing over there...

See you around!