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I'm a musician and composer.  I began watching anime (mainly Slice-of-Life genres at first) to improve my Japanese language listening skills.  Today, I watch it for the sake of finding good stories with undenyably impressive plot twists.  (I love plot twists in anime.)

I'm not as much into manga, admittedly.  But every now and then I'll read one, especially if it has a unique storyline.

I stay away frem Ecchi and other anime based on sexually oriented content, it's just not for me.  I'm much more into the deep mystey, great adveture, impossible challenge, the soul search, finding and fighting for that real love, stuff like that.

If you happen to add me to your Friends' List, please send me a private msg. letting me know what caused you to wanna send it - to me, it's like getting to know you (being fomally "introduced").  I appreciate it.  *^_^*

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NeiniAurora3500 Dec 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Aurura!!!

Seeing your message felt good to see in the morning. How is it going? Hope your holidays are going well and awesome! And cheers to a Happy New Year coming up!!

*Hugz back*

LostinTime07 Dec 24, 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year To You As well ^^ thankyou =D

wow it has been a long time. and its been good thanks and i hope yours is happy and warm as well!

ive been doing good thanks and how have you been? ahhh i ve been watching some new ones and old ones like rurouni kenshin (rewatch) and currently watching kingdom 2. oh trigun nice that one was good!

well i hope we can talk more often in the new year to come ^^ take care always and i hope you get the presents you wish for =D


*waves* <3

RingoStarr1991 Dec 24, 2013

Why hello there and yes I have been quite absent from the site lately -___-. I have dealing with moving cross country and starting a new job which has been going smoothly thank god. I have been keeping up with some current anime though. Been watching Kill La Kill, Beyond the Boundry, Golden Time, and Kyousougiga. I think that Kill, Golden, and Kyous are pretty good shows that seem pretty unique in some aspect. There are some anime/manga I have been rewatching/reading like Aria and Mahoraba to help pass the time but I have been mostly recording some new music.

I have always found the mass consumerism of the Christmass holiday season to be kind of gross but it s nice to come home and be with my family. Anything special planned for you? 

You thought i forgot or got about the hugs didn't you -__-

Hugz x 1000

HiroRyusaki Dec 24, 2013

Thanks! Happy Holidays! Please take a look at my anime inspired Fantasy Romance novel I'm writing:

I promise its good, just start reading it and if you get bored you can drop it, no hard feelings.

SpiritDragon Dec 24, 2013

*HUGE hugz* returned :P

I bet your sons will be surprised at the ending :D

Friendly Greetings